“Really? A safety shoe factory? In CANADA?”

Cue the looks of bewilderment and confusion, bordering on judgment and mockery.  Yes, really. A safety shoe factory – in Canada. In Toronto, no less. Why wouldn’t we?

As if Canada isn’t already known for producing goods of superior quality (greats?), from Canada Goose jackets to Michelin tires to McCain French fries – and now, KPR safety footwear?

As if Canada isn’t already known for having some of the highest and most stringent standards when it comes to safety wear manufacturing via regulatory bodies like the CSA Group, who have approved all of the footwear produced and sold by KPR?

As if Canada isn’t already known for flourishing industrial development at every level and in all sectors, from forestry to steel to mining, from agriculture to construction to hospitality to health care – sectors and industries that could really make use of KPR’s safety footwear to help face their on-the-job challenges on a daily basis?

As if Canada isn’t already known for having the coldest winters blowing through incredibly treacherous and difficult-to-negotiate terrain spanning from east to west coast, environments that could be made friendlier simply by putting on a pair of KPRs?

As if Canada isn’t already known for being a land of opportunity welcoming so many different people from so many different walks of life, proud to be living and working in one of the most diverse demographics on earth, effectively making available so many different markets for KPR to serve with our high-quality safety shoes and work boots?

Really – why wouldn’t we? Oh, right, because it costs a lot. Bad business move.

Well, no. Not if you do it right.

Not to say KPR doesn’t have costs – it’s just not the “50-100 sweaty workers on a line hammering away day to night and night to day like they’re being held hostage” costs most manufacturing plants incur. It’s more the intangible stuff like shipping, hydro, and warehouse space, because most of the hard work around here is done by robots and computers.

Automation is the key ingredient to our success – the factory is set up uniquely in a way that makes it possible for KPR to operate efficiently and deliver on time at a consistent quality, from right here in Toronto. And, as icing on the cake, we’re going to open a retail space attached to the factory soon (early 2021) for you to come by, say hi, try and buy – stay tuned!

For now, KPR safety footwear is available at – get your pair today!