In Ontario, the number of secondary school graduates who are foregoing post-secondary education at a university in favour of entering a trade or apprenticeship program at a college or vocational school is on the rise. In 2019 across Canada, college enrollments made up for more than one-third of total post-secondary enrollments – more and more high school seniors are seeing the value in focused careers as electricians, carpenters, automotive technicians, plumbers, chefs, welders, construction workers, mechanics, etc. – the list of options goes on and grows yearly. The pay level is surprisingly high for a lot of these industries if you finish the program, get in and stick with it – for example, an experienced journeyman electrician can make up to $90,000/year in this country:

Now tell that to your Master’s Degree:

If you’re considering getting into a trade (and why not? Who wouldn't want to start making good money immediately after 1-2 years of training?), let KPR stand by you every step of the way. Right now, this beauty is currently the preferred shoe of culinary school programs all over Ontario – over the months of September and October, we’ve shipped over 500 pairs of our CSA-approved O-807B slip-on safety shoes to Humber College, George Brown College and Stratford Chefs School, collectively (thank you!).

Though the versatility of this shoe might be second to none (it's also making waves in the automotive, warehouse/packaging and courier industries, and this year in particular has seen many healthcare workers purchasing the white version), we definitely had the culinary crowd in mind when we designed the O-807. When it comes to foot protection in a commercial or industrial kitchen, this safety slip-on has it all:

  • Slip resistant, static dissipative rubber/PU outsole to keep you from becoming a WSIB statistic? Check.
  • Lightweight design and with an upper constructed from a Japanese microfiber leather material exclusive to KPR? Check (that’s right – they’re VEGAN!).
  • CSA-rated composite toe and sole puncture protection for times when gravity gets the better of heavy objects like pots, pans and woks? Check.
  • Convenient slip-on feature allowing for easy putting on when you clock in and taking off when you clock out? Check.
  • Breathable footbed with textile lining and a heel cushion that prevents odors and provides arch stability to keep you on your feet all day? Check.
  • In-house BK mesh lining that dries quickly and wicks away moisture? Check.
  • Size 3-13 (men’s) with half sizes available? Check.
  • Produced right here in our factory in Toronto? Check.

In the interest of ensuring we are able to provide in bulk to academic institutions looking to purchase this model, we have now marked the O-807 B as “SOLD OUT” in our online store – however, if you are truly interested in purchasing a pair, please don’t hesitate to slide in our DMs with your sizing and shipping information and we will do everything in our power to get a pair out to you! Also, if you're reading this and wondering if KPR makes shoes for other industries besides health care and culinary, feel free to read up on the other styles we've made available as part of our warehouse overstock sale!

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