This one’s a classic, people.

Our O-010 (available at lives at the exact intersection of simplicity and versatility, without foregoing any of the features that make a safety shoe a safety shoe.

At first glance, it’s an oxford – with an upper made of black embossed rugged leather, it’s just stylish enough to blend in with any work uniform in most industries that require safety footwear.

It’s also just stylish enough that passers-by might miss the fact that it’s a safety shoe altogether, making it suitable for on-and-off-the-job wear. But then you take second glance.

It goes without saying that all of KPR’s safety shoes bear the CSA stamp of approval – it’s the only way you can know for sure that you can count on them to protect your feet when things go sideways.

With a CSA-rated composite (lighter than steel) toecap that’s also wide-fit to maximize comfort, the O-010 is a winner from all angles for employees across many industries – from hotel hospitality teams to airport ground crews to restaurant servers and kitchen staff to couriers to warehouse and factory workers to security guards.

They’re also sure to appreciate the thick, full-EVA breathable foot bed designed with textile lining, heel cushioning and arch support that will make staying on their feet for extended periods of time so much more bearable.

An even deeper look at this shoe reveals that it features CSA-rated sole protection layered against an exclusive KPR outsole made of a durable and lightweight PU/rubber combo – in one fell swoop making it slip, oil, and abrasion resistant all at the same time. It also comes with an exclusive BK mesh lining, which makes for quick drying and moisture wicking.

Finally, the shoe is SD-rated, meaning the soles provided static dissipative protection from electrical hazards. It’s basically if the Batmobile was a safety shoe – what more could anyone want?

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