COVID-19 changed everything.

It’s changed the way we interact socially, it’s changed the way we do business.
It’s changed the way we view life, it’s changed the way we view death.
It’s changed the way we learn, it’s changed the way we entertain ourselves.

One thing it hasn’t changed, though, is our evolutionary need to prioritize safety first – our survival depends on it.

More than ever, personal protection is at the very top of a now very short list of “must-haves,” and at a time like this, the conversation is about so much more than just safety footwear.

As a PPE manufacturing company, KPR is committed to your safety as a whole.
As we monitored (and continue to monitor) the developments of the COVID-19 situation over the last few months, we realized we were in a prime position to assist with flattening the curve.

From there, we took it upon ourselves to acquire a Medical Device Establishment License from the Government of Canada so that we could legally start providing high-quality disposable surgical masks (complete with FDA, CE and ASTM Level 3 certifications) and KN95 masks (also FDA and CE approved) to medical and dental clinics all over Canada.

We’re now making them available to the public - check out our new online mask portal to get yours! And, soon, thanks to our experience in automation, we're going to be making them - period. Right here in Toronto.

But do I HAVE to wear a mask?

As of July 7th, 2020, and as per City of Toronto By-Law 541-2020, wearing a face mask or covering in indoor public spaces is mandatory; as of August 5th, 2020, and as per City of Toronto By-Law 664-2020, wearing a face mask or covering in enclosed common areas of apartment building and condominiums is also required. Basically, what this means is the only places you don’t have to wear a mask are essentially your home and your personal vehicle, and even then, the Government of Canada recommends that masks be worn anytime you’re in public to help slow the spread of COVID-19 – it says so on their website.

The simplified science behind this is that if you’re wearing a mask, viral droplets and particles have a much harder time both getting in (to infect you) and getting out (to infect others). It’s the most effective two-way protection available at the moment besides staying inside and self-isolating, which, unfortunately, not everyone has the luxury of doing.

As the 2nd wave of this pandemic starts to close in on the province of Ontario and the number of daily new infections increases at an alarming rate, the risk of contracting COVID-19 increases exponentially anytime you go outside. If you don’t know where to begin because you have doubts due to the countless reports in our media about masks getting recalled as a result of sub-par quality and falsely-claimed standards, let KPR look out for you – you’ll breathe easy knowing you have on the highest grade of personal protective gear available to the general public, which in turn will let you focus on ensuring you make a safe and smooth transition back into your work routine.

Follow @kprsafetyco on all social media platforms now to keep up on any new PPE products we can make available – in the meantime, visit our online shop for all your protective mask and safety footwear needs!