Let’s face it – at risk of stating the obvious, it hasn’t been an easy couple of months. When COVID-19 brought the world to its knees and the lockdowns began, the weather was considerably colder. Nights were longer, days were shorter, and toilet paper was available.

But the people – most people, anyway – were better off then than they are now. Now, after a few months of being laid off due to entire industries shutting down left and right and relying on government help that’s almost always never enough, we’re being asked to come out of a hibernation no one expected to have to go into.

The transition back to work isn’t going to be easy, and the last thing you want to worry about is having your feet exposed to the various dangers that exist in a lot of workplaces, especially around out-of-practice co-workers (and likely being a bit rusty yourself).

But (well-made) safety shoes that generally cost an arm and a leg are just not viable options after a stretch of being out of work, so now what?

Enter KPR’s overstock sale ( – a selection of CSA-approved footwear from our current inventory that we’ve made available at a greatly-reduced priced to help our fellow Canadians get back on their feet for cheap.

Some notable essential service industries opening back up in Ontario include contracting/carpentry, healthcare, hospitality, and manufacturing/warehousing. Here’s what this sale has for them:

The M-017-1 is a great selection for carpenters, contractors and couriers alike – constructed out of a durable but soft suede, featuring an ultra-lightweight design, a KPR PU/RBR sole for slip and abrasion resistance, and an exclusive BK mesh lining that allows for moisture wicking and quick drying, this CSA-approved shoe is sure to go the distance with you on your upcoming renovation projects.

Most healthcare workers have not had a break since the outbreak – thank you. While KPR’s safety shoes don’t (yet) have anti-viral technology, a pair of light-as-air O-090Ws will definitely make the time you have to spend on your feet more bearable; features CSA-rated composite toe protection, static dissipative (SD) functionality, Velcro tightening for convenience and a thick EVA breathable foot bed for maximum comfort.

As restaurants and patios start to open back up, hospitality staff from chefs to servers to bartenders to hotel and airport workers can pick up a pair of our highly-versatile O-083Bs – features static dissipative functionality with a wide-fit CSA-rated toecap enveloped in an exclusive Japanese microfiber leather and a lace-up design suitable for most uniforms.

Warehouse and factory workers are yet another group of people whose jobs require them to spend the bulk of their day on their feet. KPR would recommend the M-018B2 – with an upper constructed out of soft full-grain leather and an anti-slip/grease/abrasion sole that’s been rated with ESR protection (shock resistance), this safety oxford approved by CSA will help you stay on the move when those orders come in.

If you happen to be one of the many in our province who just got called back to work or school, reach out to KPR to give your feet peace of mind. Remember – you’re always #safewithkpr; visit now to get your pair today or slide into the DMs @kprsafetyco on any social media platform for a recommendation! We ship anywhere in Canada!