The Canadian Centre for Occupational Health and Safety (CCOHS) is Canada’s national resource for the advancement of workplace health and safety. If that sounds important to you, it’s because it is. The CCOHS was established in 1978 by the Canadian Centre for Occupational Health and Safety Act – but not only did they get the whole act named after them, the act itself was also passed by unanimous vote in the Canadian Parliament. You couldn’t get a kidney stone passed by unanimous vote in the Canadian Parliament. Anyway, they have this advice to give to those in the market for safety footwear:

What does it mean to select CSA-certified footwear? Well, the CSA is the Canadian Standards Association, and their mark on any product means that said product has been tested against applicable North American standards requirements. Different markings mean different standards of protection, and these are the important ones to know:

CSA Green Triangle

The CSA Green triangle patch indicates sole puncture protection with Grade 1 Protective toe to withstand impacts up to 125 joules. Sole puncture protection is designed to withstand a force of not less than 1200 Newtons (270 pounds).

CSA White Rectangle

The CSA White rectangle with orange Greek letter omega - Ω - indicates soles that provide resistance to electric shock. Such certified footwear contains a sole and heel design assembly that, at the point of manufacturing, has electrical insulating properties to withstand 18,000 Volts and a leakage current not exceeding 1mA for 60 seconds.

CSA Yellow Rectangle

The CSA Yellow rectangle with a green “SD” and grounding symbol indicates soles are static-dissipative. The outer soles are made from an antistatic compound, capable of dissipating an electrostatic charge in a controlled manner. The test criteria are 106 to 108 Ohms. Note that SD footwear without toe protection will not have sole protection certified by CSA.

Whether you want electric shock resistant or static dissipative properties on your shoes or boots is generally a choice you would make depending on your industry/field of work, but you should never have to compromise the level of protection you get from your footwear. We are proud to be able to state that when it comes to safety shoes or work boots produced in KPR’s factory (right here in Toronto!), each and every pair bears the CSA Green Triangle – the highest level of CSA Triangle, holding it to the most comprehensive protective standard in effect (any other colour of triangle or rectangle either withstands a lesser impact and/or is missing sole puncture protection – no thank you). There’s no price we won’t pay, no measure we won’t take to ensure that KPR wearers’ each step is as safe as can be – how else could we sleep at night?

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